Realizing Sustainable Crypto Activities with WSUM

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies have already revolutionized many industries. The financial industry became one of the earlier beneficiaries of these novel technologies. However, we are gradually realizing that we can integrate blockchain and digital coin applications to solve specific problems in nearly all industries. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the latest major application of the decentralized network NFTs have irresistibly introduced crypto technology to various industries such as gaming, sport, music, art, and movie and television shows. The benefits are immense, from cutting red tapes to promoting transparency and equity.

Carbon Sequestration – A different Approach by WSUM

Wsum.Network has decided to approach the problem with a different solution. Most campaigns aim at reducing the quantity of greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere through crypto activities. However, WSUM aims at achieving sustainability in the crypto industry by removing carbon gasses from the atmosphere. With this approach, it is possible to achieve a negative carbon footprint in the industry by simply removing more carbon than the industry emits.

How does WSUM’s Carbon Sequestration Work?

There is no better way of natural carbon sequestration than through trees. Trees, through natural processes such as photosynthesis, are capable of absorbing excess carbon gasses from the atmosphere. Planting more trees across the world will mean more carbon gasses are tapped from the atmosphere. WSUM is appreciating this reality by initiating a project that will encourage cryptocurrency users to plant trees across the world. The project developers believe that apart from just being responsible for its carbon emission, the crypto industry should go beyond, and help the environment by removing more than it emits.

The project will enable sellers of NFTs to contribute a percentage of their income to the tree plant. Trees will be planted through companies such as EcoMatcher. Unlike most campaigns that are focused on major players in the industry, the WSUM approach allows every user to contribute to the movement of saving the planet through crypto-based activities.

There is no easier way to take part in social responsibility and environmental conservation than through this project. After donating the percentage of your earnings through sales, WSUM ensures that your money is used appropriately to save the environment. Your effort will yield other social benefits. For example, the rural communities involved in the EcoMatcher project will receive training and financial support for taking care of the trees. They will also enjoy the fruits of the tree. WSUM project allows you to plant a tree in the comfort of your NFT & DeFi trading room.

Enjoying More Utility and Liquidity

Besides being a green-environment-orientated project, WSUM is also dedicated to providing a better trading environment for the users. It is aiming at solving the liquidity and Utility challenges of cryptocurrency and NFT trading.

In the beginning, WSUM will be accepting the top few coins for payments and other activities within the ecosystem. However, it will shortly begin focusing on promoting less-valued coins and the upcoming ones.

Cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing industry and many coins are coming up. The coins target solving different problems in different industries. However, one challenge that these coins face is liquidity. Digital currency’s value is pegged on trust. A new coin, however brilliant the project idea behind it may be, may fail to win the trust of the investors and users in the industry. Nonetheless, it is through these new projects that the industry can see significant changes. Additionally, new tokens allow the investors to achieve big wins.

WSUM project will be working with meme coins and other new coins. Meme coins have recently gained popularity, with many influencers and retail investors promoting them online. Accepting these coins as a payment form will break the barrier that prevents meme coin users from participating in most cryptocurrency projects. This move will create more utility for these coins. Additionally, WSUM will accommodate more coins, thus creating liquidity for the users. The primary goal of digital currency is to promote decentralization and equity in the financial industry. WSUM is in line with this objective by supporting smaller quality coins.

Bottom Line

WSUM is a revolutionary project that may look ambitious by daring to face one of the major giant problems in the cryptocurrency industry – environmental sustainability. However, it takes a unique yet practical approach to solve the problem. The inclusive approach allows every user to contribute to carbon Sequestration work. You need not be sorry for being in an industry accused of high carbon print. WSUM offers you an opportunity to take advantage of cryptocurrency technology to save the environment. Additionally, the project will promote utility and liquidity. The project will allow payments through low-value coins including meme coins to promote their utility. Join the project today and take part in tree planting to make the world a better place.