Cryptocurrencies have become a quite popular subject in the past few years, and steady income for a lot of investors. But what if we tell you that you can save the planet with a brand new cryptocurrency and sell your art?

About climate change

As we all know, and still kind of forget once in a while, carbon dioxide (CO2) has a strong impact on the climate. CO2 actively contributes to the creation of the greenhouse effect, as a result of which the air temperature in the lower parts of the atmosphere near the earth’s surface rises. Carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere in two ways. The first is natural – mainly during volcanic eruptions, it is formed during the decay and decomposition of organic matter, during the respiration of organisms. The second is anthropogenic – through human economic activity. The coronavirus pandemic led to a sharp drop in carbon emissions in 2020, as the world’s economies were blocked by quarantine measures, but the recovery in the second half of the year and the lack of “green” policies led to higher emissions. Meaning – even if things got better for a minute, the damage we keep causing to planet earth by the crypto phenomenon is still enormous.

If cryptocurrencies help increase it and make the problem more serious, is there a way to use them to reduce their harmful effects? This is where we get involved and want to help!

Okay, but what does NFT have to do with planting trees and saving the planet?

We make your future green

WSUM.ART is the place where you can buy & sell your art and get a unique “green” cryptocurrency. What do we mean by “green”? You can use % of the profit of your art to help us plant physical trees to offset the carbon reduced by the crypto industry, which has become a big issue after the rise of crypto mining.

And that’s not all of it. You also help farmers grow their small businesses and help their families. Your purchase has a direct impact on the earth and the lives of the people who need it most. By helping us plant trees, you give families the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a flourishing Forest Garden system. Your donation not only helps the environment but also empowers farmers to end poverty for their families.

Why our work is good for everyone involved

Investing in top-quality NFT Art material & Defi in global demand to earn money while not harming man and nature is that even possible? We are convinced there is no other way long-term. therefore we made sustainability our main objective and made it the foundation of the NFT & Defi business model. the result is a real win situation.

Well, what’s the problem with NFT and how is it related to climate change?

We all know that to obtain crypto, you need extremely modern and powerful computer technology. Depending on the type of cryptocurrency, the cost of energy to work with a digital landscape photo can reach appalling numbers.

A specialized crypto computer produces a maximum speed of 750 MH / s. That is, the more energy and video cards you put in, the faster it can extract cryptocurrency. Such a machine can consume more than 1.9 million watts of power, which in global terms for carbon emissions is equal to disaster. And crypto gets more and more popular nowadays, so this issue will keep on expanding until it blows in our faces.

This is why we introduce Charity NFT!

Basically, with all of the BNB you get from buyers, you can support a green cause – to plant a real-life tree! The option can be found on our website and you can donate as much as you would like and as often as your heart desires. In a way, you save the planet with your amazing art skills.

We hope we haven’t scared you with everything we’ve mentioned about cryptocurrencies and climate change, but we believe we need to start caring for nature now before things get irreparable. Yes, you will find many websites on the market where you can sell your art for cryptocurrency, but how many of them can call themselves green and concerned about nature? Because we are and we hope that with your help and the help of many more artists, painters, and digital creators we will be able to make a change in the status quo. Help yourself by starting your adventure in – the place where your art has the power to save the world!