The Future State of crypto with QBBW

Querubin Build a Better World, or QBBW for short is a blockchain project pushing for a sustainable crypto environment while maintaining decentralization, convenience, and efficiency. To understand QBBW better, it helps to grasp more about the Wrapped SUM (WSUM) network and its native token $WSUM. 

The WSUM network is a Active Market Maker (AMM) is an oracle-aided algorithm with an advanced pricing formula that provides contract-fillable liquidity. WSUM offers cross-chain interoperability, creating unlimited possibilities for blockchain development. The network has several other features, and QBBW is the latest of its chain of blockchain tools. 


The QBBW project is built for the people and has fully decentralized governance, capped token supply, and marginal transaction fees. All features infused in the operation of QBBW progressively drive its token’s value up. This mechanism draws inspiration from $SHIBA and $SAFEMOON tokens, propelling crypto to greater heights.

Every transaction involving $QBBW draws a fee to which 1% is burned and another 1% distributed among $QBBW holders. So, just by holding $QBBW, users earn rewards from the fees. Additionally, the burned tokens reduce the circulating supply of tokens. Owing to the law of demand and supply, burning more tokens increases the value of $QBBW gradually

The QBBW project is ideal for millions of entry-level and even expert crypto enthusiasts given its multiple reward systems. There are no limits to investment, and returns are practically guaranteed.

QBBW Tokenomics

The token has a maximum supply of 100 trillion coins, all released in a fair launch – that is, the QBBW community is the sole owner and governor of the project. Unlike other projects with dominant development teams, QBBW gives each holder equal control over the project. As a community-driven project, QBBW expects little to no interruptions or risks of manipulation as all holders have equal governance power.

What is QBBW’s Purpose?

QBBW has a purpose that is not that unique — it want’s to help save the world. However, even its approach is not unique, as we will soon explain. However, we can safely say that saving the world is a puzzle, as no one has yet started fitting in pieces of that puzzle in a way like this project has.

So far, everyone has heard that the crypto industry is criticized due to the climate controversy. Be that Bitcoin mining or the explosion of the NFT trend, large corporations are doing everything in their power to shift the blame for global warming onto regular people or new things that could potentially damage them. Right now, that is the crypto industry, which is why QBBW came out, to show that crypto can also do a lot of good in this regard.

The project will still burn tokens but, it will hold a  50% LP token burn to Trees For All. What this means is that the project will contribute massive amounts of money to the Green Nation – Trees For All movement, which plants new trees to protect the world. So, while the crypto industry is still using mining, and that is providing a small contribution to global warming, QBBW and Trees For All can help by enabling CO2 neutralization by working together.

In case anything was left unclear, Querubin Build a Better World (QBBW) will literally grant 50% to the trees, in order to help save nature and ensure that the world will go carbon neutral through sustainable forestry projects.

This is what makes this project so important and so great, and it is also why it is build after Elon Musk vision. In his way, Musk is working to save the world, as well. Technically, he is far more concerned about the fate of humanity than the world, as the world has gone through much worse things than us, and it kept spinning. However, the industrial advancements fueled by greed are marking the end of all humanity, and people do not seem to notice or care. Elon Musk does, and he inspired others to care, as well, such as everyone with any ties to QBBW.

How to Buy QBBW

As for how to purchase the QBBW token, the easiest and safest place is Pancake swap itself. The project will consider additional listings as its community continues to grow, but for now, it is bound to DEXes such as the mentioned platforms, alongside the DeFi sector.

The process of purchasing them is fairly simple, and it only consists of a few steps.

Users should start by installing MetaMask wallet for Chrome, in the form of an extension. The installation is quick and painless, and by following simple instructions on their screens, users can set up the wallet with ease. Next, they will have to deposit BNB to their wallets in order to use it on the DEXes.

The third step is very easy, but likely the most important one. It requires users to go to and click the button that says ‘Use Pancakeswap.’ Upon doing so, users will need to provide for their signature, and that will be it. All that remains is to use the BNB in their MetaMask wallet and swap it for QBBW.

QBBW SpaceX Map

There are two crucial phases for the QBBW project, where the Phase 1 will be considered reached when the project officially gains 1,000 holders, and fulfills a handful of other requirements, including having an official website, establishing a partnership with Trees For All, getting listed on CoinGecko, reaching 2,000 TG Members, launching a marketing campaign, and reaching a CoinMarketCap listing. It will end after 5,000 holders are reached.

The next phase, Phase 2, will be reached when the project gainst 10,000 holders and 5,000 TG members, reaches centralized listings, establishes ecosystem partnerships, and more. The next step will be to reach 20k holders and 10k TG members, which is when it will also start creating NFTs with rewards, it will publish a more detailed roadmap for the future, and finally, its launchpad.

So, in the end, the project is doing more than just building a community-focused, decentralized transaction network. It is also trying to help save the world by contributing to the resolution of the CO2 problem. Anyone who wishes to contribute and participate in the project can obtain it on Pancake swap DEX, simply by obtaining some BNB first, and then exchanging it for QBBW on the platform.