Atlético de Madrid fan token (ATM) is a token issued by Spanish football club Atlético de Madrid on the platform – a mobile-based fan engagement platform. The utility token offers fans a stake to influence decision-making at the club.

The token also secures membership for fans, allowing them to enter exclusive competitions organized by the team for its registered fans. ATM holders reserve voting rights for fan decisions via smart contracts, and the club is mandated to proceed according to the decision by token holders.


ATM fan tokens were launched in January 2020 by Atlético de Madrid and Fans could exchange their Chiliz tokens (CHZ) for ATM on various exchanges and use the fan token to take part in the club polls run on the platform. Atlético’s Commercial Director Iñigo Aznar spoke of the launch saying, it would strengthen the club’s connection with its fan base worldwide. The first poll run by the club was choosing among four players that would take over the club’s Instagram for a day. 


ATM runs on the Chiliz chain, a sidechain built on Ethereum and whose native coin is Chiliz (CHZ). Besides voting rights, ATM holders get additional perks like interacting with their fellow fans, participating in contests, and earning rewards through the Socios platform.


As a utility token, ATM is applicable in several club activities. These include the purchase of matchday tickets, VIP hospitality experience at club facilities, loyalty bonuses for purchases from online club shops, among many others. 

The tokens will have even more applications in the future, giving fans more ways to express their support for the team they love. Key utilities will be staking ATM to earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from the club and purchasing rare physical collectibles issued by the club.

Additionally, ATM is applied in the governance of the club, and the platform incentivizes fans to participate in such polls through campaigns and promotions. 


ATM runs on the Chiliz chain, an Ethereum sidechain that deploys the proof of authority (PoA) consensus mechanism to verified validators permitted to create new blocks. In addition to securing ATM transactions, the platform is comparably cost-effective as it does not require significant computing power that is often resource-intensive.

ATM Token Economics

ATM has a 10 million total token supply where over 1.2 million tokens were supplied on the Fan Token Offering (FTO). Currently, nearly 1.9 million tokens are in circulation. Atlético de Madrid holds the rest of the tokens, and fans can collect them when they take part in the community’s activities. Users can also purchase ATM tokens directly from supporting exchanges and on Binance Launchpool. The tokens are set to be released gradually within six years, with slightly over 1.6 million ATM tokens supplied each year beginning 2020.

Buying ATM Tokens

You can trade ATM tokens on top exchanges including, Binance, Chiliz, and Paribu. The top trading pairs on Binance are ATM/Tether and ATM/Bitcoin. On Paribu, the top trading pair for ATM is ATM/TRY. You can also exchange your CHZ for ATM tokens on the Chiliz exchange.

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