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On March 10, 2021, BioTech Medics, Inc. announced the much-anticipated change in its business model. For the past year, the firm was working on bringing this significant shift to its business model to make the model more productive than ever.

When the firm revealed the change in their business model, CEO Anthony K. Miller addressed it as the much-anticipated change. He said, “The firm has been working on making this change for the last year and has now decided to make a move. He regarded it as one of the biggest moves in the history of the company.

For the last 6 months, organizations have created a huge value for their shareholders’ cryptocurrency space. The shareholders grew in their cryptocurrency wealth. The most notable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which was once about to get abolished by the authorities, is now a mainstream thing. Such companies allowed people interested in holding their shares to invest using cryptocurrencies. It didn’t only help these companies attract people associated with the crypto space but also created massive liquidity for cryptocurrencies.

Just like these firms, BioTech Medics, Inc. has designed a similar business model. The company expects to launch the venture within a few weeks. BMCS has a new name, “BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund, Inc.”

Words from the CEO


BioTech Medics Inc planned to use Sumcoin as its targeted cryptocurrency network. It’s the world’s first cryptographic index where the Proof of Work algorithm can unlock coins. Sumcoin’s can supply 100 M Wrapped Sumcoins in just 3 minutes of processing.

  • Sumcoin is an indexed cryptographic blockchain network.
  • Sumcoin blockchain network has over 4000 data points. Also, Sumcoin can track all coins in real-time. The Sumcoin’s price is decided through an algorithm that aggregates the top 100 coins.
  • Cryptocurrency space can be a complex and challenging industry for many people. Sumcoin is a great way to start your crypto journey because of the speed, security, and simplicity of the Wrapped Sumcoin. By holding just one Wrapped Sumcoin, you can get maximum acquaintance to the cryptocurrency world. It solves the problem of volatility. The Sumcoin blockchain network can be a great tool for any business or government around the world.

The company’s motive is to track the market, trade the market, and do so using Sumcoin cryptocurrency. The brains behind this new business model spent major time designing it, and the firm expects it to be successful. The firm expects that this venture will replicate the previous model and prove to be better. If it can provide a solid foundation for the firm to be competitive in the crypto space, it’ll be a huge win. The company’s goal is to make Sumcoin as much popular and liquid as any other top cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. According to the CEO, Sumcoin’s attributes make it a more promising cryptocurrency than others in the ecosystem.

About BioTech Medics, Inc.

BioTech Medics, Inc. is based in Wyoming. It used to be a biotech firm. Now it has shifted its business model and focuses on Sumcoin, one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in the crypto space.

Forward-Looking Statements

Let’s dissect the press release issued by the firm. It will help determine the confidence of the firm about its venture.

When we look at the statements, it realizes that the majority of them are forward-looking statements. These statements comply with the United States business law. These statements act as the safe harbor for any company to launch its new venture or make its new business model public.

Apart from the historical facts about the company or other related companies, all other statements are forward-looking statements.

These statements have known and unknown risks and various other factors that show uncertainty and assumptions. The statements are written in future tense and contain words like may, should, can expect, estimate, project, etc. Since many things are beyond control and difficult to predict whether the venture will be a success or not, forward-looking statements are used. That’s because these statements don’t guarantee performance and show that there might be risks involved.

The risks and qualms involved in a venture may disrupt the results, and what you get might not be as per the expectations. The expectations portrayed in the forward-looking statements are never guaranteed to happen. Before you invest, make sure to understand and consider the risk mentioned in any forward-looking statement. It pays off well not to rely on these statements. The forward-looking statements say only as of the date, so make sure to read the press release or report completely.

The firm takes no responsibility to update the statements with new information and make further predictions based on the events. Only those changes are made that the law requires the firm to do.

The factors may disrupt the results from time to time. The firm can’t predict everything accurately. The firm takes no obligation to make public announcements of changing the statements or even make any changes. As the venture matures, the data or information related to it starts to increase. The firm doesn’t need to update the forward-looking statements based on future developments. Only those changes are made that the law requires us to do.

This is everything you may need to know about Sumcoin; what do you think of it? Do let us know.

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