WBBW Coin – Eco-friendly cryptocurrency

ustainability is a critical issue in the 21st Century. Scientists are giving continuous warnings of the deterioration in our environment due to global warming. With the increasing carbon footprint from human activities, our world is becoming less habitable daily. Policymakers and activists are responding to the issue by creating environmental awareness and pushing industry players to prioritize sustainability. Consequently, sustainability has become a key indicator for the success of any innovation.

Cryptocurrency technology has come under scrutiny over its environmental impact. Reports show that crypto-related activities such as coin mining contribute significantly to carbon gases released into the atmosphere. According to Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, Bitcoin releases 36.95 megatons of CO2 to the environment annually. The statistic puts Bitcoin at the same level as New Zealand in terms of carbon footprint. The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index shows that the digital currency consumes about 110.53 TWh of power. This amount is more than that consumed by the Netherlands.

What Makes Crypto ‘Dirty’?

Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular and the demand is increasing. However, the process of creating some of the major digital currencies such as Bitcoin is power intensive. Bitcoin is created when very powerful computers compete with each other to solve complex mathematical problems. The first computer to solve the problem gets a reward in form of Bitcoin. The mechanism is called proof of work (PoW). It explains why miners opt for powerful computers; they want to be the first to reach the reward.

However, most parts of the world still run on fossil fuels such as coal and oil. A lot of this type of fuel is burnt to keep the crypto mining process running. The result is high carbon emissions.

Possible Solutions

Cryptocurrency has proved revolutionary and it would be unwise to abandon it. We cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater. What are some of the solutions around this?

Reduce power consumption during coin mining

Bitcoin uses a proof of work (PoW) mechanism to confirm the transaction and create new blocks. However, PoW is energy-intensive. Shifting from this model to one that requires a lower amount of energy such as proof of stake (PoS) or proof-of-authority will reduce the energy consumption. In PoS, a miner with more blocks within the blockchain (not the one with the most powerful computers) has the privilege to mine more blocks. In PoA, a certain number of redetermined miners have the privilege to confirm transactions.

Remove the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

Another option is removing carbon gasses from the environment, a process called carbon sequestration. Carbon sequestration can completely nullify the effect of carbon footprint. When carbon is removed from the atmosphere at an equal rate at which it is emitted, we will not have global warming problem.

Shifting to clean energy

The third option is shifting from ‘dirty’ energy to clean ones. That would mean powering crypto activities with HEP, wind, and solar energy. However, this solution depends on many factors that are beyond the industry players. For example, most parts of the world still rely on carbon fuel as the primary source of energy. Renewable energy in such regions is expensive and insufficient.

WBBW – The Solution Token

WSUM Build a Better World (WBBW) is a new digital asset that has solutions to the global warming problem. WSUM introduced the coin amidst the rising concerns of global warming. It changes people’s perspectives about the cryptocurrency industry in terms of sustainability.

First, the token is built on Binance Smart Chain, which uses Proof-of-stake-Authority (PoSA) mechanism. Therefore, it uses a lower amount of energy compared to tokens on Bitcoin and ETH-powered networks. Consequently, it boasts low carbon emissions. Besides being environmentally friendlier, WBBW enables faster and low fee transactions.

Second, the token is primarily designed to promote carbon sequestration by encouraging tree planting. The project will dedicate 50% of the LP tokens to support a forestry project. The project will see many trees planted across the globe to curb the greenhouse effect. Trees are the best approach to removing carbon gases from the atmosphere. Through processes such as photosynthesis, trees manage to absorb carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere. Part of the absorbed carbon is converted to oxygen and released into the atmosphere. Trees store some of these carbons in other forms. An acre of fully mature trees absorbs an average amount of carbon dioxide equaling the one produced during a 26000-miles car drive. Planting more trees means eliminating more carbon from the environment. WBBW offers everyone the easiest way to take part in saving the planet. It is fully decentralized. Therefore, anyone can take part in it.

Trees have more to offer. Other benefits include cooling effect to the environment; Water conservation; prevention of soil erosion; source of food; and habitat for animals. Planting a tree has a huge impact on both the environment and humanity.

Understanding WBBW Token

WBBW is a fully decentralized token just like BTC. Additionally, it has a built-in re-distribution mechanism, which rewards 3% Burn and 1% of every transaction (buy or sell) directly to its holders. When you buy and hold WBBW, your account will be growing even if you are not trading. The redistribution mechanism is seamless and free of any gas fee. As such, WBBW combines the strengths of BTC and DOGE, Elon Musk’s favorite tokens. The token has a total supply of 1 trillion. The token is fair launched (fully earned, owned, and governed by the community from the outset). The lack of team tokens means a low chance of manipulation.

How to get the WBBW Token

Currently, you can buy the token on Pancake Swap. They offer a safe environment for trading this token. Later the token will be listed on more exchanges such as WhiteBit, Crex24, and Probit or Prizmbit.


WBBW is a unique token that comes at the right time to solve sustainability in the crypto industry. This token is proof that the crypto must not necessarily cause harm to the environment, rather, it can save the environment. It adopts the most effective sequestration approach – tree planting. Join this movement by WSUM and save the earth.