Ejadcap Coin: Pioneering Crypto Backed by Real, Rare Assets.

Cryptocurrency and volatility are almost synonymous, given the price speculations in the crypto markets. Contrarily, fiat currency is more stable as it is backed by trusted governments. However, some governments may fail, and fiat currencies collapse in the process, as seen in Venezuela and Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation.

Crypto’s high volatility has inhibited adoption among everyday users. $EJCO is a currency built for the people, backed by tangible and rare NFT assets. The token is deflationary as it has a limited supply that degenerates gradually through the burning. Its design and vision have drawn similarities with $SAFEMOON and $SHIB – powering a financial structure free of intermediaries.

EJCO’s developers have designed the token for complete decentralization with a built-in redistribution mechanism. So, each user has equal and exclusive control over the project’s running and decision-making.

$EJCO has a market cap of 100 Billion tokens. Based on the project’s user-first approach for decentralization, all tokens will be distributed fully among users. Each $EJCO transaction incurs a 6% fee1% sent to the tree planting address, 2% shared among token holders and 3% burned. This fee benefits token holders, and the global community, in addition to accelerating the project’s growth.

Joining the EJCO Community

By holding $EJCO, you too can grow your assets. The easiest way to grab some $EJCO is by actively participating in the EJCO community events. EJCO has initiated a campaign to expand its reach to more users. This, among other marketing campaigns, will put the project on the map and drive adoption globally. Here are more ways to earn some $EJCO tokens

  1. Join, register and participate in events organized by the EJCO community
  2. Sign up for airdrops launched by EJCO. Always keep tabs on the latest news from the EJCO community to know when airdrops launch.
  3. Participate in NFT sales on behalf of EJCO.
  4. Join the EJCO team to get token rewards as a stipend
  5. Purchase the token through a centralized or decentralized exchange that lists $EJCO

Additionally, joining the EJCO community unlocks more potential for users, most importantly in governance. Here are some perks exclusive to the community:

  1. Members can buy limited EJCO community-created NFTs.
  2. Members can buy EJCO-themed Swag in physical or digital formats.
  3. Members can rent NFTs from the EJCO Vault.
  4. Members can purchase exclusive EJCO Vault NFTs.
  5. Members can participate in the EJCO decentralized autonomous organization’s (EJCO DAO) voting and decision-making processes.
  6. Members can join the liquidity mining program to generate extra mining rewards from the project.
EJCO, The Future of Crypto

EJCO Road Map: The EJCO project will roll out in two major phases. Currently.

Phase 1 is on track and will be complete when $EJCO holders reach 1,000. Also marking the end of the first phase is an up-and-running official website, a signed partnership with Trees for All, and listing on coin trackers Coin Gecko and CoinMarketCap. The phase will also be marked by a 2,000-member Telegram community and a successful marketing campaign. 

Phase 2 milestones include 10,000 $EJCO holders, a 5,000-member Telegram community, listing on centralized exchanges, and more partnerships. Beyond 20,000 holders, the project will release a detailed roadmap and its launchpad.

Beyond the crypto community, the global community stands to benefit immensely from EJCO as the project strives to build a better world. Join us, would you?